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Anna Ryder Richardson to have Sculptra

We are delighted to confirm that TV  personality Anna Ryder Richardson will be  having Sculptra treatment on the 12th  May 2009 and telling the media all about her experience.

The popular presenter is best known  for her appearances on programmes such as Changing Rooms and I’m A Celebrity…  Get Me Out Of Here. She was also recently the star of Chaos at the Zoo, a  Channel 4 documentary which followed her as she and her family got to grips  with a wildlife park they have bought in South Wales. sAnna, aged 45, is a mother of two  young daughters, married to restaurateur Colin MacDougall. As a high-profile  presenter, including stints on shows like House Invaders, My Life For Sale,  and Celebrity Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? she believes it is important to  remain looking younger. She went so far as to comment on how old she looked  after seeing Chaos at the Zoo on screen, so she has jumped at the chance of  working with Sculptra.

Over the course of the year, Anna  will undergo a course of treatments following an initial consultation with  Angelica Kavouni.  There will be  “before” photos and then a photo shoot a few weeks after the final treatment to  show the glamorous transformation. Anna will keep an updated blog on the Sculptra  website, commenting on the procedure and the effects as her course progresses.  She will  also conduct a series of interviews with the key media to talk about Sculptra,  and a recorded interview which will be posted on the Sculptra  website.