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Help for high heel devotees

First came gel pads, then injectable dermal fillers (hyalluronic acids) and now New York’s  ‘Park Avenue Princesses’ are going crazy for the latest foot plumping technique - Sculptra™ (Poly-L-lactic acid) which is set to take the lead in softening those foot aches and pains caused by unforgiving high heels.

Ms Angelica Kavouni MD FRCS EBOPRAS: “High heels take their toll on the feet by pushing the metatarsals out of alignment and squashing the natural padding under the ball of the foot.  For some time now hyalluronic acids have been used reasonably effectively to temporarily bolster foot pads helping to reduce the suffering experienced when wearing heels whereas Sculptra™ actually stimulates soft tissue growth to provide increased cushioning.”

Plan ahead as two or three sessions are required spread 4 weeks apart before you achieve the effect you want which then lasts for about a year.

Cost: £450.00 per session.